About Us

is the leading Tunisian medical tourism company specialising in surgery travel and medical trips to Tunisia. Med-T4T's medical and surgical tourism services are based on successful collaboration with leading surgeons, practising in the finest clinics in Tunisia. Med-T4T's experienced team will make your visit to Tunisia a great success by giving you individual care and attention throughout your stay.

«health will be for you what you want it to be.»

Med-Assist offers you

  • Specialised and personalised assistance  
  • A special all inclusive package at an excellent price  
  • Customised packages at attractive prices   
  • Co-ordination of your medical and surgery requirements  
  • Access to an impressive infrastructure of surgery clinics and hotels  
  • A strictly respected code of ethics which ensures your total anonymity  
  • High quality of medical service  
  • World class medical expertise

Our Service  

  • Surgery, medicine, care,  
  • Continuous medical assistance.  
  • Checkup, complementary exploration to the tip.  
  • After-care.  
  • Rehabilitation, functional readaptation.  
  • SPA  
  • Senior Care & Geriatrics  
  • Thermal cures, sporty activities,  
  • Convalescence, rest, retirement,  
  • Stays and tourist circuits for the patients and the accompanist